On Overestimation And Understatement

My first instinct when I am trying to clear the backlog was to tackle on games which I am highly interested in, and that means either the gameplay or graphics that caught my attention. I’m not one for the story usually, unless the lore is interesting to get me reading it on Wikipedia first before I hop back into the game.

What turns me off to stop completing the game usually is the monotony of the game or the grind. This week’s games made me so bored that I took a nap playing them.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

I love ARPG – it’s the simplicity of the mechanics and the killing of waves of mobs that gets my blood pumping. However, as much as I like bulldozing levels, I prefer challenges sometimes.

But not as much as making a skill incredibly irritating to use.

I’m just at the initial levels of this game. I created a Thaumaturge in Hard difficulty because loot drops were based on difficulty levels. It didn’t seem all that bad at first – you have a companion that can tank for you while shooting balls at the enemy. Once I reach the first field however, not only did I had trouble controlling my spell, but I was dying left and right due to my companion dying more frequently. Obviously, I underestimated the prowesss of a mage for this game. The firewall spell you see here has a 10m fixed casting range, and what I do is usually casting the spell before the enemies walk through them while I CONTINUE RUNNING back. I’m just kiting them into the wall of fire, rinse and repeat.

This could take a while to finish due to the high difficulty slope at the beginning. Low HP, lack of spells etc.

Final Fantasy XIII

The realisation where your backlog is larger than life.

I have the second and third game of this series and if I managed to beat this game I should be able to clear the rest of the games.

But this game is so boring you will need to have a few seasons of TV series or anime to watch while playing.

I didn’t even need to focus on the game to understand the gist of it, except for the naming terms like fal’Cie and I’cie and whatnot. This group of people were branded and given this life quest to fulfil and they have to fulfil it to become a crystal or become a mindless zombie.

I’m almost going to drop this game and jump to FFXIII-2 because not only it’s so linear (knowing both who the final boss is and understanding the purpose of defeating him), but also there doesn’t seem to be any motivation to continue, and post game doesn’t seem that fun anyway except for achievement hunting (which I am not into).

I’m at Chapter 13 of this game and I really do not see a need to push forward. I’ll decide after finish reading through the FF13 guidebook.


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